About Us


Digital Capstone is a global information technology (IT) services company providing IT solution, technology, consulting and outsourcing services. Combining our solid business domain experience, technical expertise, profound knowledge of latest industry trends and quality-driven delivery model we offer progressive end-to-end web solutions. We are focused on delivering the best and most cost-effective solutions to our clients in areas such as healthcare, finance, manufacturing , government and media.

We provide software development and maintenance services for companies ranging from the Global 2000 to promising start-ups combining proven expertise in technology, and domain expertise.

Digital Capstone delivers a range of outsourcing services that includes Custom Application / Software Development Outsourcing, website development, Web Application Development, mobile application development and application integration.


Why Us

This demonstrates Digital Capstone strengths that distinguish us among our competitors.

Experience and Expertise

Having worked on numerous projects, Digital Capstone has gained unmatched business and technological expertise. We have built a large database of knowledge that we apply to deliver solutions that meet customers’ needs, expectations and budget.

Business Experience

Digital Capstone has over 9 years’ experience in providing professional web development services for clients across the globe. We have successfully completed hundreds of projects of different sizes and complexity in various business and technology domains. Capitalizing on the accumulated experience Digital Capstone provides full-cycle services ranging from business analysis and consulting to project implementation and support.

Vertical and Domain Expertise

Our rich business domain experience enables us to speak the same language with customers and understand their business needs easily. Our knowledge stretches from application design, development and integration to operating key processes. This knowledge base and experience help us save clients’ precious time and deliver the right solution for every specific situation.

Technology Competence

Our unique competence in various technologies enables us to deliver integrated, scalable, robust solutions with the optimal cost/performance ratio. Our Tech Lab constantly conducts research on new technology products to meet the ever-growing customer needs.


Commitment to Quality

While retaining competitive rates we never compromise the quality of our services. A dedicated quality assurance department monitors project activities at all development phases and guarantees defect prevention, project risk mitigation and high quality results.

Personnel Quality

The quality of our people makes us stand out. We hire and retain only the best professionals. At Digital Capstone we set up a thorough personnel selection process and a challenging environment to grow and improve our large resource pool (currently over 250) of top-notch experts

Process Quality

Digital Capstone follows a proven development methodology on every project we undertake. We implement the best industry standards and practices like RUP or Agile Methodology depending on project size and complexity. These standards and Digital Capstone’s experience guarantee outstanding results and allow us to better serve clients with regards to cost, quality and timeframes.

Customer-Focused Approach

Digital Capstone is a client-centric organization. We make it our business to understand and help our clients to achieve their business goals.

Individual Approach

We thoroughly study each customer’s case. Depending on project requirements we engage a dedicated team of business analysts to analyze and understand clients’ specific objectives and needs to find the solutions that meet them.

Easy Communication

We understand that effective communication is crucial for success of any project. We establish a productive customer communication environment providing all the required resources. All our employees who are engaged in commutation with customers speak fluent English.

Delivering Business Value

Delivering exceptional business value to clients is the primary goal at Digital Capstone. This requires more than just focusing on the software development process. This way we can offer our clients technology solutions that add real value to their business. It’s simple – we understand that our success is measured by success of our clients.

We never stop improving our services, including development technologies, engineering practices, management methods and QA standards to improve team capabilities and increase customer satisfaction.

We Value our clients

Digital Capstone is a company that works in a flexible environment for software development process, adjusting as per our clients’ requirements. Quality work is a prerequisite for every task we undertake at Digital Capstone as we consider that “every day counts”. And why not; we know that good jobs always bring new clients.

We believe in Quality

Attempting to provide world-class services, we always strive to provide you with quality work and consider “every effort counts”. Excellent and consistent quality at low cost is what drives outsourcing business. And we play by the rules of the game.

We value our people

People are the key resources in any service industry. We highly value our people and their performance. Digital Capstone ensures providing an environment to develop their skills and offers them a rewarding career.

Our Products


FocusMD offers a web-based comprehensive, full featured solution for your Scheduling, Medical Billing, Practice management and Electronic Medical records. All Powerful features are designed to provide solutions to increase productivity and efficiency.


FocusMD is designed for all types of healthcare practices and billing services.

Total security & HIPAA compliance.

Access from anywhere, at any time.

FocusMD provides software and Service.

Quick and easy to use.

FocusMD is fully customizable, which allows you to practice the way you want, not the other way around.


Integrated Business System is an easy-to-use, online, fully integrated solution for managing manufacturing business. The system is designed to bring businesses together with customers and suppliers by clear and quick communication while managing the internal operations with relative ease. The capabilities of the system are available to large businesses and small businesses alike.


Multiple locations, corresponding departments and sub-departments can be managed with a single system. When the customers and suppliers of a business are using this system, communication of Request for Quote, Quotations, Purchase Order, printing Shippers and Invoicing are streamlined and online. Process management within the company is also made easy. Inventory Control, Bill of Material, Process Sheet, Process Sequence, Process Time and Manufacturing Instructions are integrated in the system to give the company full control of its operations.

The software also gives a company control to set access levels for users of the system within the company. For example a manufacturing engineer will have access to create, edit and view manufacturing instructions, while an operator can only view the instructions.

IBS Advantages

Easy of use | Calculators | Human Resources
Quality Control | Inventory Control
Supply Chain Management | Manufacturing Management
Low cost web-based ERP solution | Customer/Vendor Contact Management
Manage multiple locations from one point

Paper less system | No maintenance cost
Information security | Real time data exchange
Role based functionality | Scalable and customizable
All you need is a browser | No server and networking cost
Excellent online support 24/7 | No expensive overheads and software professionals

Our Services

Web Enabled Software

Application Development (Web) refers to the implementation of software that can be accessed with a platform independent web-browser as the singular application interface, and encompasses both Business-to-Business (B2B), and Business-to-Customer (B2C) solutions. Web enabled software can be globally accessible (internet) or locally deployed (intranet). Our expertise and experience with web enabled software development spans multiple technologies and verticals.

Client/Server Software

Digital Capstone’s software solutions are intended to serve as catalysts to port business functioning to vigorous IT processes. By combining a vast range of resources with appropriate technology, Digital Capstone develops remarkable applications that drastically reduce the time and resources spent for a business process to take place and serve to eliminate functional bottlenecks.

Consulting and Analysis

Consulting plays a significant and an all-important role in the delivery of strong and sustainable business software solutions. It is the key to well planned software that continues to perform consistently, regardless of circumstantial factors. Consulting with Digital Capstone ensures that your business objectives are perfectly aligned with the eventual technology implementation. Consultants are experts in their specific domains, verticals and industry-specific solutions. They ensure that every aspect of your business requirements are carefully mapped to eventual outcomes thereby charting a path forward and ensuring that gaps between business vision and actual implementation are absolutely filled.

Platform Migration

Digital Capstone provides services that encompass application migration, database migration and operating system migration. With technological surges suddenly making previously used systems and processes seem obsolete, the surest way forward is to ensure that the applications being deployed are ported to state-of-the-art technology environments while maintaining (or enhancing) existing software functionality.

Wireless and Mobile

The Mobile Internet technology refers to Internet content viewable by wireless mobile devices, of which WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) is one, but not the only example. Digital Capstone helps businesses to mobile enable their core services. With the Digital Capstone’s expertise, you can reach your customers anytime and anywhere.

QA and Testing

A business organization looking for IT services needs to be assured of high quality standards to ensure a marked base of trust between the organization and the IT companies. Digital Capstone Communications is well aware of this fact and Quality Assurance procedures, tools and techniques to surpass the quality standards expected from us by our clients. Maintaining the product quality is a step by step procedure wherein the process of verification and validation begins at a very initial stage of product development at Digital Capstone. A properly implemented quality plan looks after the desired product qualities and defines how these are to be judged. At Digital Capstone comprehensive quality plans are developed, which affirms the quality features that needs to be implemented in the software which is being developed. These quality plans also chart the development plans for optimal quality product development.

Our Industries


The global healthcare market is under tremendous pressure to improve service quality while facing extreme cost pressures. In response payers and providers are expanding their use of back office service delivery models such as shared services, Information Technology outsourcing (ITO) and business process outsourcing (BPO). As process improvement lifecycle experts with experience at every stage, Digital Capstone is uniquely qualified to help you optimize your back office.

We combine our healthcare industry insight with our breadth of service delivery and sourcing experience to assess and implement improvements in areas such as Information Technology (IT) infrastructure and applications, Human Resources (HR), Finance and Accounting (F&A), supply chain, procurement, facilities management, claims processing, enrollment, print mail and revenue cycle management. And, thanks to our experience, were able to deliver results faster and minimize business continuity issues and service delivery risks for our clients. Our track record speaks for itself our Healthcare practice is 100% reference-able.


Financial Services

In a highly competitive Financial Services environment, regulatory requirements and accounting changes share “top priority” status with customer satisfaction and risk management. Through our proven expertise in offering financial services outsourcing solutions, we have helped some of the largest financial institutions in the world achieve operational efficiencies while allowing them to focus on core business activities such as increasing assets under management, creating wealth, ensuring regulatory compliance and expanding customer relationships.

Augmenting domain knowledge with flexible and responsive service, we add value to our financial institution clients’ operations, boosting efficiencies while driving down the cost of doing business. Our expertise in financial services outsourcing solutions covers major industry segments including Securities and Investments; Banking, Credit and Payments; and Insurance.


End-to-End Manufacturing Solutions Our Manufacturing solutions practice orchestrates a broad range of technology services – from embedded software to RFID – with significant experience in:

Enterprise package implementation

Support and integration

Supply chain product implementation and support

EDI integration

Engineering design services

Media and Entertainment

The Media industry is solely characterized by the growth of immense variety of infotainment delivery channels, each having different characteristics, market requirements and customer preferences. Media conglomerates need technological solutions to cross-leverage their assets, enable innovative business processes and enhance the transparency of revenue streams.



Digital Capstone retail solutions minimize costs in store operations, supply chains and IT infrastructure.

Digital Capstone can assist in attracting, developing and retaining high value customers. Digital Capstone infrastructure solutions support new value propositions and empower changing business models to help retailers improve top-line performance and still reduce costs, while minimizing risks associated with change. Contact us for a retail solutions expert at Digital Capstone

Technology We Use

Digital Capstone is committed to making your business software more technologically advanced than your competitors’ software. Using cutting-edge technologies means that your business is more cost-effective. Savvy use of today’s technology can also save you time, so that you can put more emphasis on profitability.


Expertise by Technology Focus

.Net, Java, PHP, Flash and Flex, Mobile

As information technology industry experts, we at Digital Capstone stay informed about all the innovations and technology progress in software integration, application development, and technology consulting that appear every day. This means that we are prepared to help you with the latest advances in technology. Our team also uses Digital Capstone ‘s proprietary methods for software quality assurance, software engineering processes, and application integration so that you get the right solution for your business needs.


The following technologies fall under our area of expertise:


Programming Languages

Java, C#, VB.NET, PHP, C/C++, ActionScript, JavaScript, Objective-C, XML, XSLT, XPath, XAML, VBA, Perl, Python, Groovy, Ruby, ColdFusion, SQL, PL/SQL.


Technologies & Frameworks

J2EE: JSP/Servlets, JNDI, RMI, EJB, JMS, JTA, JDO, JNI, JMX, JAAS, JSSE, JCE, Java TimerService, Applets, Swing, Java Web Start

JSF, Struts, GWT, Ext-GWT, GWT-Ext, Seam, Tapestry, Velocity, Spring, Hibernate, Toplink, Quartz, Jasper Reports, GigaSpaces, Terracotta, J2ME

.NET: ASP.NET, Windows Forms, Silverlight, WPF, ADO.NET, NHibernate, .NET Remoting, Windows Media Services, Windows Media DRM

Sitecore, MOSS, DotNetNuke

LAMP: CakePHP, Zend, Smarty, Drupal, Joomla, Bitrix, WordPress, VirtueMart, OsCommerce, Magento, MediaWiki, Memcache, Moodle

Other: Flash/Flex, ActiveX, Ruby on Rails, AJAX, Web Services, SOAP, REST, JSON, ExtJS, RSS, ATOM

Facebook, MySpace, Ning, Open Social, Google Friends Connect, Moveable Type, Blogger, iGoogle, ooVoo, Google Maps, Yandex Maps, Yahoo! Maps, Live Search Maps, Jabber.



Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Intersystems Cache, MS Access


Application/Web servers

JBoss, Tomcat, Apache, IIS, WebLogic, WebSphere, GlassFish


Operating Systems

Windows Server Family, Linux Distributions, HP-UX, Mac OS, iPhone OS, BlackBerry OS, Windows Mobile.


We recommended that you start your software development project with software consulting and prototype development to help you visualize the potential business benefits for your company. We at Digital Capstone are happy to consult with your business so that you are part of the process every step of the way.


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